Welcome to RabbitInk, the one and only online journal of me, Genesis Rabbit. Here is where I will be posting a colorful range of information, opinions, ramblings and other random tidbits. Each post will be narrated in a unique voice that belongs only to me.

I am a Latina young woman who has her own share of quirks and interests that simply mark her as unique. God is my number one amigo; my parents and twerplings mean more than the world to me; República Dominicana is my home away from home; ink and coffee and green tea practically flow in my blood; my music tastes range from 80s freestyle to electro-industrial; novels are my oxygen; trains and technology are what I have a constant love-hate relationship with; and a health-nut is what I love to pretend to be. One day I will own a house full of rabbits. Until then, I will continue to navigate the prismatic discoveries of grown-up life.