Hello, #BestBlack90sSitcom

Hello, world. Hello, 2015. Hello, new writing.

A small sea of changes have tidal-waved into my life the past few months– some spectacular, some sweetbitter, all simple reminders that I should forever be grateful for my hands, brain, tongue, the inkwell of my veins and the God who has blessed me with every single one of them.

And with that comes more writing to share here.Though I’ve been churning out creative pages for private circles and contributing ideas and pieces for online media, it’s been quite some time since I’ve blotted ink across the pages of RabbitInk. So, guten Tag, all. 🙂

One piece of writing I’ve composed is a contribution to this Blavity debate on the best black sitcom of the 90s. I reasoned Sister, Sister because, really, how can you argue against Tia and Tamera? Twin sister power, family, humor, relatable hijinks, a catalogue of star guests, a classic catchphrase… Case made.

But if you need more convincing, then check out the Blavity staff and I debate our picks and decide for yourself what TV show deserves the title of #BestBlack90sSitcom (but, for realz, it’s Sister, Sister).

From Blavity.com

From Blavity.com

What is Blavity? Just the realest creative content site dedicated to amplifying the voices of black millennials. This Afro-Latina is giddy to have the opportunity to contribute from her crazy colorful mind. Check out the sophisticated ratchet team on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, mm’kay?  ;D

-Gen Rabbit


Meet the Writer

Welcome to my o so lovely seed of a blog, RabbitInk. Name is Genesis (like the first book of the Bible, the band, the video game console), otherwise known here as Gen Rabbit.

Here is where I will pen my own unique rainbow of info, opinions, and ramblings. Some posts here will be random and quirky; some posts here will be serious and formal. Considering that it belongs to me, I will use this blog to freely express whatever ideas and thoughts are pent-up within me.

Just so you know more about who this blogger is (and as a chance to state just how o so awesome I am), I am more than glad to tell you…

Artwork by MCM

Artwork by MCM

I am a young Latina woman with a passion for writing. Faith, creativity, culture, pop media, gender theory, and literary works all warm my mind, heart, and soul. When I am not indulging in eye roll-inducing entertainment (ahem, Gossip Girl), I am questioning and critiquing media representation. When I am not quietly observing my surroundings, I am constructing worlds reflecting our own with ink and paper.

And when I am not exercising my curvilicious cottontail, I am cooking and baking (so-called) healthy dishes and desserts. A lot. Right now I am obsessed with trying out different pumpkin treats. Let’s just say that I have yet to perfect a homemade pumpkin spice latte, but I can bake some killer good pumpkin cupcakes (so says my Twitter).

Though this blog is to act as a public space for my own individual voice, I hope I can serve as some source of inspiration or interest to you. I know my muse will have a field day with this blog. Hope yours does as well.

-Gen Rabbit