Writing Prompt Boot Camp #1: It’s Not You, It’s Me (Really)

Well, loves, we’re about 31 days away from the end of a year, and my blog has been rather…bare for the past 7 months. So, as persuasion to write, I’m taking a page from a lovely friend’s blog and following a series of writing prompts to bring me back to my original love– creative writing. It’s boot camp for my mind and fingers.

And for my first post– a breakup letter to an imaginary friend.

The Two-Week Writing Prompt Boot Camp, writersdigest.com

The Two-Week Writing Prompt Boot Camp, writersdigest.com

Dear Writer’s Block, it’s not you, it’s me…

Really, it is. It’s laziness. It’s time-eating. It’s a wish for something more.

But there are ideas in my lovely brown head, you see. They ghost behind my eyes while I scrub my teeth white. They shadow-puppet against my bedroom walls while I try to construct my own dreams. They’re pretty fuzzy pictures of unsettling confrontations and unexpected conversations.

They beg for life, but my fingers bow down under distraction and daydreams and. do. not. type.

So, you see, Writer’s Block, you’re not really there. You don’t really exist. You’re only an excuse for my settling of things that do not make me wholly happy.

But tonight (and oh, God, let it be always), I write. Without filter, without hesitation, without absolute truth, I write.

Thanks for being the best scapegoat ever,

-Gen Rabbit


Dream Boards: Visualizing Your Attainable Reality

Happy, happy New Year!

The year may now be a few weeks old, but it’s still a fresh new start for each of us. After all, we don’t need the dropping of a glittery ball, the disposal of calendars, or the automatic update of our digital clocks to dictate when you’re allowed a new beginning.

But the start of a new year is a good place to start. To motivate me to pursue my goals for the year, my lovely older sister and I had a crafts day and created our own dream boards (also known as ‘vision boards’). My best friend created one a few years ago, and she credits it for helping her stay on track with her fitness goals. So here is a preview of mine~!

A corner of my vision board!

Moonlight Muse blogger Allurynn Daugherty defines dream boards as “powerful tool[s] to enable you to manifest your dreams into reality” (you can read more about dream boards and see Daugherty’s example in this blog post). Literally put, they are collages consisting of words and images relating to goals you wish to attain. The popular media to create one are a poster board and magazine cutouts, but if you’re not a fan of glue and scissors, I would suggest using Pinterest or any other mess-free digital tool.

Dream boards are great motivational tools for tackling that increasing list of New Year’s resolutions. They can help you visualize whatever it is you want to achieve. Stick it in a spot you’re forced to see every day (like the wall by your bed, the bathroom mirror, or, if you go with a digital one, your cell phone or computer background), and you will (hopefully) be reminded of the changes you wish to make.

I envision myself becoming a more active blogger. And, well, here’s a start.

Cheers to an active, healthy, rich, spiritual, vibrant, happy new year to you and me.

-Gen Rabbit